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The primary objective of "Make Culture - Multimedia" is precisely to develop and improve communication towards
the public, through multimedia information material, offering excellent visibility also through the channels offered by web 2.0.
Process of realization and management of a multimedia product with a consequent choice of contents and identification of targets through a communication and advertising campaign towards users.
Building partnerships between audio-visual and cultural professionals
Study and organize a communication plan that will bring greater visibility to the company and to the cultural good

To whom we address:

Experimenting and identifying tools and methodologies to make all the educational potential of the different types of cultural heritage accessible, comprehensible and educatively interesting.


Realize multimedia tourist routes by promoting a territory, its history, its traditions, events, its tourist attractions. A virtual path aimed at increasing the interest and knowledge of the territory by the tourist and not only.

Offer companies an important opportunity to make themselves visible nationally and internationally by offering innovative and high-level products and services.

WHY RELY ON "Make Culture - Multimedia":

Relying completely (from the point of view of image development and / or communication) on "Make Culture" which has the participation of expert professionals in its staff.

The economic savings of the company, (contacting professionals individually to realize a single project would cost the company much more than our "all inclusive" offer)

The certainty of reaching concrete results.


Respect of delivery times

Use of innovative technologies (from aerial filming to new video recording formats: Full HD and 4K used by the major international film companies, aerial shots using a "drone")

Working with international multimedia standards (both as equipment and as skills)

The possibility of reaching the general public both Italian and international

Make full use of the potential of the web

PRODUCTS OFFERED by "Make Culture - Multimedia"


[Reportage - Company and fashion catalogs - Still-life - Events - Advertising]


[Websites - Web 2.0 management (social network) - Web marketing]


[Catalogs - Brochure - Brochure - Flyers]


[Documentaries (companies, cultural heritage) - Reportage - Events - Industrial videos - Advertising - Video editing]


- Composition and arrangement of mixing and mastering of soundtracks for: short films / feature films / theater

- Creation of mixing and mastering of jingles or music for: commercials, websites, multimedia presentations, etc ...

- Dubbing (both spoken and effects or environments)

- Shooting mix of external audio acquisitions: interviews, small concerts, etc.

- Shooting and mixing, mastering of any acoustic or electric instrument

- Audio file reconditioning (attenuation of background noise such as rustling, unwanted environmental backgrounds ...)


FOR MORE INFORMATION write to: makeculture.media@gmail.com

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Il progetto MakeCulture è nato nel 2009 dal fotografo professionista Samuele Pucci, ma solo nel 2011 ha preso forma, grazie alla collaborazione di professionisti come: professionisti della comunicazione visiva e dei beni culturali