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"MAKE-CULTURE" Multimedia:

Promote, enhance the historic and artistic heritage and the environment, through communication.

In fact, the primary goal of "MakeCulture" is precisely to develop and improve communication to the public by means of multimedia information, providing an 'excellent visibility through the channels offered by Web 2.0.

Today there is an increasing demand for visibility offered also by all those internet channels, improve their image, to bring more customers for businesses and more visitors to cultural heritage and turistic, in fact, to date there is no plus the difference between "clients" and "visitors" both carry revenue, it is therefore essential to propose a consolidated system to allow those who want a more and more popularity and  best reputation to the general public.

Who we work for:


"MakeCulture" with the collaboration of qualified professionals in the areas of disclosure, communication, education and dissemination of cultural heritage in public and private;
"MakeCulture" produces documentaries and cultural reportage, in order to create educational audio-visual materials.

"MakeCulture Multimedia" is a company based in Massa (MS) in Tuscany (Italy), offers multimedia services exclusive to the promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage, tourism and companies, through the creation of photo, video, audio, graphics and web.


Il progetto MakeCulture รจ nato nel 2009 dal fotografo professionista Samuele Pucci, ma solo nel 2011 ha preso forma, grazie alla collaborazione di professionisti come: professionisti della comunicazione visiva e dei beni culturali