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"MAKECULTURE- Multimedia"

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"MakeCulture" Multimedia! Service for: #Cultural Heritage  #Tourism  #Companies 

Promote and enhance the Cultural Heritage and Tourism , through communication.

The primary goal of "MakeCulture" is to develop and improve communication with the public , by means of  multimedia material , offering excellent visibility even through the channels of web 2.0.

"MakeCulture” Multimedia  is a company based in Milan and in Massa (MS ) Tuscany / Italy,
offers multimedia services exclusive to the promotion and enhancement of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Companies , across sectors: photographic , video, web and graphics .

"MakeCulture" with the collaboration of qualified professionals in the areas of disclosure , communication, education and dissemination of cultural heritage in public and private;

"MakeCulture” produces documentaries and reportage, in order to create educational audio-visual materials .


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Il progetto MakeCulture è nato nel 2009 dal fotografo professionista Samuele Pucci, ma solo nel 2011 ha preso forma, grazie alla collaborazione di professionisti come: professionisti della comunicazione visiva e dei beni culturali